Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Update on Last Week's Post from ADL of San Diego

ADL of San Diego was in touch with me earlier today, and kindly informed me of the many responses that they have taken in response to the disturbing string of recent events at UCSD. Here are the highlights:

1. Our Civil Rights Committee sent a letter to Chancellor Fox commending her strong statement against the cookout and related conduct.

2. ADL sent a press release which has since been picked up by many community organizations.

3. ADL has made contact with African American leaders in the community including the Urban League and NAACP.

4. ADL staff and lay leaders attended both the rally and teach-in at UCSD as well as a forum at Mt. Erie Baptist Church.

5. On March 10 a forum for Jewish students will be held at UCSD regarding this issue.

6. A Miller Early Childhood anti-bias training has been scheduled for staff at UCSD's child development center.

7. A meeting has been scheduled to update all civil rights and education lay leaders on all of the above and to discuss future support we can give UCSD students and staff.

Yesher Koach to the ADL for their comprehensive response.  I regret that I was not more fully informed, before I wrote the original blog posting.

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